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Busy HR Managers,
this one's for you!

Juggling to find the expert instructor on International Yoga Day for your workplace. But what if you could host a fantastic event without the hassle?

Empower your team this International Yoga Day!


Yoga Made Easy for Multi-Location Companies:
2100+ Instructors at Your Service

Customizable Programs
Tailor our yoga sessions to the specific needs, preferences, and schedules of your employees, ensuring wellness support.
Corporate Events
We offer special yoga sessions for corporate events, perfect for team-building and enhancing company culture.
Expert Instructors
Our certified yoga instructors bring expertise and experience to every session, ensuring high-quality instruction and engagement.


Manish Singh Yoga Enthusiast

Good mentoring during session take time also clear all doubt and give us proper yoga workout.

Mamraj Thalor Yoga Enthusiast

Very nice well coducted very usefull.

Kajol Bokadia Yoga Enthusiast

Very cooperative and explains everything patiently.

Zalak Yoga Enthusiast

Had a wonderful session. Would recommend it to all.

Need to organize a revitalizing corporate yoga event for your employees?

Why Choose Trexova?

Promotes Employee Well-Being

Our yoga sessions are designed to reduce stress and improve overall health.


Yoga can enhance focus and efficiency among your employees.

Fosters Positive Work Culture

Build a supportive and collaborative environment through shared wellness activities.

Instructor at your workplace

Our instructors come to your location, providing convenience and a tailored experience for your team.